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Saturday, May 20, 2006

the power of the v8 engine or women

sooo ppl long time noo see,i guess maybe they wont be anyone who reads this or there might still be a couple of loyal fans out there,neway this is a story of how women r changing in da uae n im very proud of it. soo we were leaving the jebal hafeet area around 2:am n we see a 2006 v8 land cruiser which we atomatically want to race even tho our land cruiser is 1999 standard n its v6 we always race v8's n beat their tiny bumholes into submission,so we we start racing n when we reach near their side windows we realise that they were 2 women inside n we were like daymmmmmmmmmm,so we floor it but for some reason they start going a head of us untill they were one street light ahead of us n stayed that way for the remainder of the little challenge. so u must have imagined wat we were like, cause it was bad enough that it was 2 women but the fact that they beat us shishhhhhhhhh,unbelievable soo we took it like REAL men n cryed a little but without anyone noticing each others tears we just all turned the other way n said there was a little bit of dust in our eyes......after this my man hamoud went downt airport road n started racing up n down it like 50 time to realese the carbon n open the engine n today he's putting a racing filter on,so betta watch out women cause we afta yo asses n we aint stoppin till we hear u poppin,ok that sounds soo wrong when u read it, but i will admit defeat.ps:i think they were probably men dressed as women just to put ppl like us down cause thats the only explaination i can come up with.or we just imagined women in there,or they must have stolen there bros or husbands cars.

Friday, October 28, 2005

me and hareb in bed.

me and hareb as usual being gay.petra and kaleigh as usual trying to get in bed with us.


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maya,me big daddy,kaleigh and petra.there's enough big daddy lovin to go around,thats what i keep tellin them but they still have to fight over me.

petra and kaleigh

this is petra and kaleigh,kaleigh is a fiesty redhead but can make a mean ass sandwich which makes me powerless to her temptations and thats how she's making me go to prom with her she said she would make me a footlong sandwich.and petra is got this irresistible smile which makes u fell soo guilty and has an adorable head which i love to head-but really hard.and has really white hands which i always try to bite off.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


this is me when i was younger but i look different now,i lost alot of weight im a different race and i dyed my hair black too.

the most disgustingly cute baby.

i think his mom forgot to feed him,id probably look the same if my mom forgot to feed me.

my little cute kittens and mom.

these are my cats when they were kittens, the are 5th generation persian cats.totally true

Monday, September 19, 2005


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the original BIG DADDY KANE,bow down and pay tribute!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

my womens poll

who would u rather have sex with?

big assed
big tits

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Friday, July 01, 2005

the perfect quote

the perfect crime is too stab someone with an icicle. self-destructing evidence

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my week

this week i stayed at my cuz's house sead aka seado. he thinks hes all tough and shit
it was cool cuz its the summer and we know how to chill.
first off we go to this cafe where u pay 20 dineros and they serve u as many drinks as u want as long as u finish the drink in ur hand and that 20 includes unlimted time on the billiard tables
so we down the drinks as soon the waiter brings it and before he takes off we order the second round, its pretty funny unless ur the owner.
the last time we went we kept ordering for hours till they ran out of fruits to make any juices.
then the next day we went swimming in a swimmimg pool, we kept wrestling and the lifeguard kept yelling.we eventually got bored and went to eat in the pool restaurant where they had mean ass triple decker sandwiches which have three layers of meat and melted cheeze (shit!!!! im drooling on my keyboard) any how it was good and im still plannin to go to this place called mug&beans where u pay 7 dineros and u can get a drink and refill it unlimited times, i wanna see what all the hype is about.
i still kinda miss alot of people who just left.
but its the summer time!!!!